Pray for each other

Friday, 2017/08/11

Dear Lord, thank you for being the one that is always there for us, we come from the holy land, from the place that you have lived and died for our salvation. We would first like to thank you for the nice people have had the chance to meet in this conference. They have made it home away from home for us, so for that we are thankful.
We would like to pray for our german partners, friends and companions to keep them healthy, safe and sound. We would like to pray for them for the work that they are doing with us and for our palestinian situation. We would like to pray for them so that god can give them the strength and the ability to continue their work against hate and racism. We would like to pray for them to make the gap between the rich and the poor people got less.
We want to pray to make german calm down and relax, because it´s okay not to be on time sometimes.


Dear Lord, we pray for the families and people in palestine, whose Land was taken away and who have borders between their neighboors, families, friends and themselfes. Give them hope and strength to carry on, and believe in peace and freedom. Give water to people who are thirsty and goods to the ones in need. give warm thoughts to the ones who are afraid and help them to archieve a life in peace and harmony for everyone. We pray especially for our Friends from palestine and Jordan, please keep them save on their way home.
Give them support when they are at school, university or work and help them educate themselves to built a better, bright future. Amem. Allah iberikom.


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Finally - Shopping in Munich!

palaestina blog 2017 021 webThursday, 2017/08/10 

In between a visit to the BMW World and eating the best Falafel in Munich it was all about Shopping Shopping Shopping.
The last money was spent on new clothes and one could even say there was no chocolate left in the supermarkets in Bad Tölz.

In our final reflection we were thinking about what we want to take with us - what we want to leave behind - What is expecting me when I get home and are there any changes of perception because of all the impressions we had.

We finally had another party, using our last energy to dance off.


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10 Years of partnership

palaestina blog 2017 018 webWednesday, 2017/08/09

"10 years of youth meeting with Palestine"

10 years of youth meetings
What is the summary of those 10 years?

Let me point out 4 topics related to the photos we just saw:

International youth meetings are sponsored of course by the Lutheran Church, andt also by the German government. Every time before the program, we have to discuss aims with our sponsors. Afterwards, we have to evaluate what young people learned when they participated in this programs.

1. Palestine and Bavaria - culture and society
We learn about culture and society. We find hospitality where we wouldn't have expected. We experience familiy cohesion. But we also learn about the problems of each other's society. We discull about environment protection as well as for example the school system. And above all, we learn from each other what is important to young people and what they want for the future. We learn about our fears, hopes, values and beliefs.

2. Politics
I could say a lot about politics. What I want to emphasize is on one hand our solidarity with our ELCJHL partners - with our Christian brothers and sisters - and the Palestinian people, also in terms of human rights. And on the other hand, I am proud that we as Germans are always trying - together with our partners - to fulfil our responsibility for our history and the Jewish people. Anyone who visited the Dachau Concentration Camp memorial site and experienced for example the conversation with Max Mannheimer or the White Rose memorial in Munich knows how important and touching this was for everyone.

3. Religion
In the programs the young people learn a lot about their own faith. It is moving to visit the places of the Bible in the Holy Land. At the same time, the encounter with different piety styles calls for their own way. And, last but not least, the initiation of a society in which Judaism, Christianity and Islam live together is impetus for the interreligious dialogue in Germany.

4. Partnership
Partnership means friedship. Partnership means to respect each other respectfully. It means to admit to the foreign, to the other. This sometimes means being able to withstand each other and I am sure, Dafer and Marya, that our way of reflection in the middle of the night has sometimes got on your nerves. Partnership also means to learn how to prepare delicious meals as well as a real garlicbread! Partnership means missing and looking forward to seeiing you again.

Thank you for your attention. On the next 10 years of youth meetings!

Volker Napiletzki






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Enjoying Bavarian nature

palaestina blog 2017 016 webTuesday, 2017/08/08

On Tuesday, we went to lake Kirchsee where we hat a lot of fun swimming with our friends. We also had a lot of fun playing card games with each other. Later at night, we had a nice time watching 'Little Miss Sunshine' with popcorn, nachos and coke, which is a nice movie to watch all together. Then we sat to hang out all together with each other and went to sleep (more or less...)


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Just another Journey

palaestina blog 2017 015 webMonday, 2017/08/07

On Monday was the time for the big farewell in Neukirchen. After breakfast and cleaning the rooms wen went outside send good wishes with balloons. With one last goodbye-hug the first part of the group left to the train. The other part left some time later with the cars.

After we arrived in Bad Tölz and settled in we drove to the Marktstraße, had some icecream and went down to the river Isar and enjoyed the evening.

palaestina blog 2017 014 webPaula

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